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Plumb Intended is your go-to choice for full-scale renovations. Whether it’s a bathroom makeover or a complete kitchen revamp, we take care of all plumbing installations. Our experts handle permits, work with gas and electric, and ensure your drinking water stays safe with backflow prevention services

Top-Notch Plumbing Installer Services in Georgetown, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Is your next renovation project looming? As your trusted plumbing installer in Georgetown, TX, and the surrounding areas, Plumb Intended ensures that your remodeling runs smoothly. Our services cover a wide range of areas, from plumbing installations to bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. We also manage plumbing renovations comprehensively, securing necessary permits and offering reliable plumbing installation services. Trust us to work with gas and electric setups, and let us make your home’s transformation a stress-free experience.

repairing a sink water pipe

Why Backflow Prevention Matters?

Did you know that water contamination is a real threat during renovations? A neglected backflow can pull in polluted water from outside, jeopardizing your health. This is where backflow prevention devices come into play. These gadgets prevent contaminated water from entering your drinking system, keeping your family safe and healthy. Offering a spectrum of backflow prevention services, our solutions assure that you can drink your water without a second thought. You gain peace of mind, better health, and an added layer of safety for your household.

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Ready to transform your space but feeling stuck on the first step? Look no further than Plumb Intended in Georgetown, TX. From kitchen to bathroom renovations, we handle everything from planning to the finishing touches. Our dedicated team streamlines the entire process for you, making it stress-free and straightforward. Plus, with emergency services available, you can rely on us to be there whenever you need us. Start your dream renovation today and experience the difference we can make.

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